We never mix
you with strangers.


ESCAPE ROOM is one of the most popular activities and forms of entertainment in the world today! After taking off in Europe and Asia, this attraction is becoming increasingly popular in the US.

At Art of Escape Room our mission is to provide you a fun, safe, and unforgettable experience!

The Art of Escape Room is a great place for friends and family get-together, couples in love, couples who don’t know they are in love yet, double dates, birthday parties, team building experiences, bachelor/bachelorette parties, engagements/proposals, pregnancy and gender announcements.


Work together with your team of friends, family or co-workers to accomplish your mission while having a lot of fun.


Think outside the box! Use your instincts, senses and wits to solve the puzzles.


Escape the room within 60 min and win!

Why us?

We are team of creative professionals, who traveled the world and came up with our own genuine ideas. We are not a franchise or a copy of an existing escape room. Our rooms have unique scenarios you won't find anywhere else. You will have your own private room. We will not mix your party with strangers!

What Are Escape Rooms?

You’re locked in a room and presented with a mission. You have 60 minutes to escape and there is only one way out - find clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes before your time runs out. You might be able to do it, and you might not, but one thing is for certain, you'll have fun trying!



The Art of Escape rooms are designed for groups of 2-12 people.

Players should be ages 12 and older. Players under 17 must be accompanied by an adult aged 21 or over.

All players need to arrive 15 min prior to the scheduled time. If one or more players arrive after the game started, they will not be able to join the group. No refunds will be issued.

Players can’t be under alcohol or drug influence. Players judged to be under the influence of these substances will be banned from the game.

It is forbidden to damage or vandalize furniture, items and accessories in the room. Players must bear the cost of any intentional damage caused.

Players can’t remove any items from the room.

Players can’t use phones or cameras inside the room. No photographs inside the room are allowed.

Personal belongings including bags, phones, jackets, key’s remain the player’s responsibility while on-site and Art of Escaper Room takes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Art of Escape Room provides a safety locker for each group of guests at the front desk.

Players will be monitored during the game. The Art of Escape Room reserve the rights to stop the game at any point if any of the rules or safety regulations are violated.

No refunds are aloud. Reschedules will not be permitted within 24 hours of your scheduled game. You can reschedule only once.$30 fee if rescheduled within 24 hours of your reserved game, but not less then two hours in advance











162 West Grand Ave. LL,
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312 526 3108


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